Words and Waterfalls


“If you don’t think you were born to run you’re not only denying history. You’re denying who you are.” 

                    -Chris McDougall

I’ve officially had my Vibrams for a year! And they have taken me all over the place. From the rain forests of Costa Rica to the hills of Carroll County, I have had so many great experiences. From my PR 6k to a jump off of a 40 foot waterfall in Montezuma, my Vibrams have seen it all. I’ve run on the beach, I’ve hiked through the mountains and I’ve raced in the snow. And I am able to feel everything; there is hardly anything between me and the Earth that I run on. 

Some people think it is crazy- barefoot running. They ask if it hurts, avid runners say they can’t give up their cushion. People stare and point, but I love the attention.

It is something that takes a certain mindset. You have to believe that going back to natural instinct is good. You have to have that belief that this Western lifestyle is slowly hurting us as a human race. 

When I wear my Vibrams I feel so light and like I can go anywhere. Nothing weighs me down or tries to stop me. My love for running has gotten so much stronger and I see it from such a different perspective now. I appreciate the pain and the struggles and the “I can’t do this” feelings. Maybe running in my Vibrams just makes me feel cool. I can feel the Earth, every rock and puddle and twig. I doubt that I will ever wear running “shoes” again. I wouldn’t want to give up the great feelings that I have during a run.

I love my Vibrams!


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